• Mass, Confessions, & Rosary – We offer Sunday Mass weekly for students and confession half an hour before Mass begins.
    • Sundays beginning at 4:30pm with Mass is at 5:00pm. Dinner follows Sunday Mass
    • Wednesday 12:00 noon Mass in Black River Room in Student Union during school year. 

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  • Faith Formation Night - Wednesday Evenings beginning with snacks at 6:45pm.


  • Social Nights – These are socially oriented nights for students to come together for fun and fellowship. Some of these include pumpkin maze, bowling, trampoline park, movie nights etc.

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  • Service Projects – This is service to others.  Some events include motherhood, can food drives, retreats for high school students, polar plunge, multicultural night etc.
  • Student Council – Student council plans and facilitates social and service activities as well as prayer experiences.


  • Campus Ministry Fall Retreat – Held every year at the St. Johns Center at the Diocese of Little Rock.
    • This is facilitated by the Diocese of Little Rock Campus Ministry Office.


  • Parking – We offer parking as a charge for football games.
  • Newsletter – We send out a yearly newsletter to alumni and sponsors to educate them on what’s going on here and ways they can be involved.  A donation envelope and needs is sent with them.
  • Phonathon//Capital Campaign –Students make phone calls to alumni requesting sponsorship for the parish/student activities.